About Leigh

Leigh's Passion Is To Help You Create That Special Environment You Want To Live In.

He oversees all projects from a design and decoration perspective, at any stage from initial drawings to completion.

Having worked extensively in Adelaide and interstate, Leigh takes pride in his attention to detail in all aspects of design, planning, lighting and function to seamlessly blend all areas.

Able to advise on furniture, fabrics, soft furnishings and accessories to help you create a home which is warm and inviting with a comfortable ambience.

He will come to your home, listen to what you want, then make recommendations to create a design tailored to your needs.

Working with an interior designer

When beginning any project it is important that it reflects the people who will make it their home.

You know a home, when you are in one because you feel it straight away. lt is a presence created by a balance of many parts. In fact, the creative act of a designer is in melding a myriad of components.

Many of you may feel that you are unsure of where to start. 


Engaging an lnterior Designer like myself will save you time, money & expensive mistakes as I am able to source a wide range of products, furniture, curtains, blinds, shutters & accessories often not easily available to you.

A beginning point may be to look around your home or in magazines & perhaps see a particular colour that you intuitively feel comfortable with. This could be in a painting or even the clothes you wear.

When I choose colours it is not because of any scientific theory, it comes from an intuitive sense of feeling in which the colours will sit & belong.

The design will also depend on a number of factors including space, proportion, light & texture & harmony.


An example of this is where there is one design premise which says that small rooms, particularly that are dark, should be decorated light colours to open them up & make them less confining. This argument is often used to justify decorating hallways in neutral shades.

You can however take a contrary approach, if you use bright colours, it is better to accept the limitations & give them a jewel like brillance which compensates for the the lack of space & light.

Passion, energy, creativity & perseverance sometimes feel like rare birds in a world of instant images & results.

I have always believed in well considered design, consultation & collaboration with my clients.

My quest is always to come up with something original that reflects your individual personality. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.